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Washington DC Dog Walking Service

We know that choosing who takes care of your dog is no easy task. That's why we want to be as transparent as possible to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Read more below about why we may be your perfect fit.

More than just a walk. Our pack members aren't just clients - they're family, they're friends, and they're neighbors. Our dogs are leading the way to stronger communities, lifelong relationships, better health, and a more harmonious and joyful life.

Our Packs. Have you ever met a dog who could walk with 5 other dogs and was misbehaved? We haven't. That's because our pack members are physically fulfilled, have strong relationships with humans and other dogs, receive daily structure, and practice daily obedience. That's the formula for a well-behaved and happy dog.

Training. Our human team is highly trained in canine body language, learning theory, husbandry, equipment, and group dog management. This is the solid foundation on which they use to lead and teach our pack members. Walkers provide ongoing education to the dogs in the areas of social skills, structure, and basic manners.


Exercise. Did you know most dogs under the age of 6 benefit from 2 hours of daily exercise? Let us help to physically fulfill your dog so that your dog will lead a calmer, happier life.

Safety. Safety is our #1 priority when caring for your dog. All of our team members are First Aid certified. We also conduct rigorous equipment training and have strong safety and emergency protocols firmly in place.

Socialization. Our pack members are ambassadors into their communities. Because they practice multiple times each week, they develop excellent social skills and are able to be great role model dogs.


Peace of Mind. GPS tracking allows you to know when your dog walker arrived and to see the route that your dog walked that day. Rest assured knowing that your best friend was taken care of the way you'd do it yourself!

Service Area. We service Dupont Circle, U St, 14th St, Adams Morgan, and Mt. Pleasant in Washington, DC.

Where do we walk? Walkers take dogs to Meridan Hill and other local parks. They also walk the dogs through the city, keeping them well acclimated to city sights and sounds.