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Trick Dog Classes

Trick Dog 1, Tuesdays at 6pm

We LOVE tricks! Tricks are an amazing way to build confidence and focus. They are also a great way to build cognitive and motor skills for your dog or puppy. Tricks provide awesome foundation skills for much advanced work with your dog such as obedience or agility, since tricks teach you and your dog lots! Tricks will teach you how to teach your dog anything. Tricks will teach your dog how to problem solve, work closely with you, have body awareness and more! Plus, tricks are just a really fun way to show off with your dog! Teach your dog a few moves like "high five", "play dead", and "get my slippers" and your dog is sure to be the star of the party!

Dogs in Trick Dog 1 may choose to be tested for their Novice Trick Dog Title.

All classes are 50 minutes in length.


Remi, NTD, CGC, demonstrating "wave"

Read below to find out more about why you should train you dog to do tricks and more about why to trick dog title your dog. The following is written by Kyra Sundance, the founder of the trick dog program that we use. Kyra owns Weimaraners who are amazing trick and performance dogs. I hope this moves you to teach your dog tricks and to title them, I know it inspires me every time I read it! ~ Michelle

What Does a Trick Dog Title Mean?

Why should we care about gold-embossed certificate? Or about a set of initials at the end of our dog’s name? Why should we take lessons, and invest time, and pay money for something worth no money in return?

We do it because those initials at the end of his name serve as a tribute to the dog that bears them. They stand as a testament to his intelligence, enthusiasm, and willing nature. They say that this dog was a good dog; a greatly loved dog; and a dog who loved greatly in return. This was a dog who put his self interest aside to work hard at tricks that were important to you, regardless of how bizarre your requests may have seemed.

A trick dog title is also a reflection on your skill as a trainer and a testament to your commitment to your relationship. It says that your dog was important enough in your life to receive your time and energy and enthusiastic praise, even at the end of a long day. You loved your dog enough to engage him, challenge him, bond with him, and help him achieve a common goal. A trick dog title shows that you believed in your dog even when he failed; that you gave him another chance even when nobody else would; and that in the end, your faith in him was justified.

You indeed, did more with your dog.

And after the last beat of his heart, the trick dog title will remain; an enduring memorial; an honor to a deserving friend.

—Kyra Sundance