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We are extremely pleased with the professional support we have received from Michelle --- and can't imagine having made it through the first month of our life as new puppy owners without her. To start, she really knows what she is doing, and seems to have a quick and straightforward approach in response to every challenge we raise. This has included lots of basics, from getting our puppy into her crate and pen, to name recognition, basic commands, leash biting, "leave it" and much much more. She instills confidence in us, reinforced by her excellent followup emails that summarize all we've covered in each session and include handouts to guide us in our ongoing training efforts. Beyond this, our puppy adores her and would do anything she wants her to do! We recommend GoodDog DC without hesitation and eagerly look forward to our next session!

Peter A.

New Puppy

OK, we are only on day 2 of the Puppy Academy. Will report more once we can get another week or 2 under our belts. But my first impression is very positive. We are busy folks, and taking on a puppy is a huge undertaking. This Academy is not inexpensive, but I have the impression that it is money very well spent. Just love the report cards. I can see our Pup learning every day.

Peter Clancy

Customer/Happy Puppy Daddy

We brought our small Chinese Pug to puppy kindergarten, which he and we loved. Michelle and Sam have a deep gift for working with dogs--they are simply in touch with something that is rare and beautiful. We were also impressed with how lovely the other dogs and owners were in the classes we attended. Very safe environment, with just the right amount of stimulation, play, and festivity. Michelle also came to our home for an individual session prior to Marco starting to spend time at our home in Vermont. This was transformative! Marco--officially an adolescent at six months--had just started to act like, well, a teen-ager, one who barks when he shouldn't, is a bit rebellious on the leash, and insistent on sleeping with us in our bed (Oedipal issues?). She showed us some training techniques that in a single day have made a huge difference. We know we need to be very consistent, and we will be. We cannot recommend GoodDogDC highly enough. It is a treasure! Marguerite, David, and Marco

Marguerite Feitlowitz & David Anderson

Marco Polo's Human Parents

Michelle identified my dog's motivations and behaviors in such a short time! Her insight has helped my manage me dog's reactive (could be called aggressive) actions towards other dogs. Thanks so much! This dog used to be almost beyond my ability to walk. Now we are happy campers strolling the neighborhood. THANK YOU MICHELLE!


Stenk's Mom

I was able to get help from Michelle through City Dogs Rescue for an anxious, leash reactive foster pup. In just one session, I was able to learn a lot more about dog anxiety than I could reading on my own. It was amazing to see how quickly my foster pup took to the exercises as well as how much more confident I felt in taking control of the situation. Even though I am no longer fostering, there are tips from that session I can take and apply to future dogsitting and fostering opportunities. Michelle was professional, knowledgeable, extremely patient, and a true asset and resource to dog owners and the greater community. She was also super quick to send follow-up resources about equipment used during our session and a summary of lessons practiced. Thanks so much for your help, Michelle! I will definitely recommend her to fellow dog owners.

Metta C.

Dog Lover, Henry's Mom

Thanks so much Michelle- I have already recommended you to two other people! You really saved the day (cause I know I didn't know how to get through to W) He is doing really well - and sitting a lot without our asking (lol) There's hope for us all! Thanks again Have a great day!


Rescue Puppy Owner

We're a few weeks into training with this method... and we've seen more progress every day than we have all year.

Limpert, A.

"Like Cats and Dogs." Washingtonian. March 2014. Pg.258. Print.

It's amazing, really. I have to say, the biggest difference is with her personality. She has so much more energy now. I didn't realize how much the anxiety was exhausting her. She's finally acting like the 2 year old dog that she's so much fun to see her playful and happy. I can't help but wonder if being happier at home will help her be less stressed outside with other dogs. It definitely can't hurt! I don't think we would have ever have gotten this far so quickly without your help, Michelle. Thank you!


Rescue Dog with Dog Aggression and Separation Anxiety

My wife and I recently adopted a rescue pitbull (8 months old). While he's a sweet dog, I don't think he ever had much in the way of training, and he was getting very excited and hard to control at times. Michelle has been working with him and us, and the transformation has been like night and day! She has shown us a lot of wonderful techniques for getting him to walk calmly next to us on the leash (which it is amazing to see given how bad he used to be), to play appropriately in the house, and many others. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and a great manner with both dog owners and their dogs. I strongly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a trainer.

Larry N.

New Puppy Owner