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Do you think your dog may be from a puppy mill?

I am always surprised when people don't know that they've purchased a puppy mill dog. I feel bad for them and worse for the puppy or dog. Sadly, puppy mills are getting harder and harder to detect. It's not just not buying a puppy from a pet store (we should all know that one by now!).

Now, puppy mills operate under fancy websites where the puppies are dressed up in bows and with cute scenery and props. Many of the websites offer a breeder name. Some even offer contact information for the breeder.

This leads many people to think they are buying their puppy from a "breeder", which to them means that the puppies were raised in the breeder's home. People assume the bitch and sire are on the property, and that the puppies have been lovingly taken care of from day one.

I don't know of any reputable breeders who would sell their puppies over the internet to someone sight unseen.