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We make raising a puppy in the city easy!

Example of what our puppies do!

Stella showing off her puppy training!


Do you want the very BEST start possible for your puppy?

Relax and rest assured that your puppy is being well taken care of in a loving home.

  • Your puppy lives in our trainer's home Monday through Thursday
  • You keep your puppy Thursday night through Sunday and reinforce the training in your own home
  • We pick up and drop off your puppy
  • Puppies get daily house training, playtime, obedience training, socialization, and plenty of attention and love!
  • You also receive a transfer session every two weeks
  • Your puppy will be working one-on-one with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and kept in a home setting. No stressful kennel-type environments here!

"Thanks so much for all your help with Penny.

She’s really doing great, no doubt in large part because of you and everyone else at Good Dog DC. We could not be happier with the experience."

~ Zach (Penny's Dad) 

We bring this program to you at an incredible VALUE

Monkey Puppy Academy Graduation Video

  • 1 private, in-home consult ($195 each)
  • Transfer sessions ($150 each)
  • 9x daily outings ($20 each = $180/day)
  • 3x daily training sessions by professional trainers ($75/session = $225/day)
  • Daily interaction and stimulation from people and other dogs (priceless!)
  • Graduation video (priceless!)

If you add up the cost of each of these individual services, you will find that our prices are a great deal! Dog walking leaves your puppy at home alone for most of the day, missing out on valuable socialization time. And day cares often can't specialize enough to give young puppies the one-on-one attention and training that they need, not to mention all of the house training accidents!


Our Puppy Academy Includes:

  • A private in-home consultation with a Good Dog DC trainer
  • Transfer sessions every two weeks
  • Car Training
  • Housetraining (including middle of the night outings if needed!)
  • Crate Training
  • Basic Manners
  • Obedience Training
  • Socialization
  • Problem Solving (help with biting, jumping, etc)
  • Weekly email updates and photos
  • Weekly homework
  • A Graduation Video 

Merckx Puppy Academy Graduation Video

$1790/2-week mini-mester

$2750/4-week semester

$3950/6-week honors program

Puppy is in school Monday through Thursday

We pick up and drop off for you!

Additional weeks are $675/week 

*We may also have availability for continuous boarding as well. Please email us if you need more information!

[email protected]

Sign Up Today

Signing up is simple! Just send us an email at [email protected] to let us know you are interested, and when you would like to start. Someone will get back to you asap with all of our upcoming availability to set up your Initial Consultation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] (we are very reliable via email). We would love to hear from you! Thank you!

*Please note our Board and Train is for puppies 5 months and under only. If your puppy is older than that, we may be able to accommodate them if they are smaller (under 30 lbs). Older puppies should sign up for our Adult Dog Board and Train.

**Pick up and drop off has a limited service area, we will confirm if you are eligible when you email us.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for him. It was such a huge comfort to me knowing that during his first few weeks with me, he wasn't alone all day while I was at work, and he was being cared for and trained and interacting with so many other dogs and people. I really see the difference in him, especially when compared to other dogs who haven't had this experience. He is so friendly, open to new things, confident, and smart."

~Chrissy (Huey's Mom)

Still deciding?

Did you know that the socialization window closes at 12 weeks to 16 weeks depending on your puppy's breed?

That means, before three months, you should expose your puppy to everything you want them to accept with confidence as an adult. Puppy Academy is great insurance to give your puppy the best chance at developing into a confident, friendly adult dog. Puppy Academy will ensure a solid foundation of careful exposure done by professionals. By using this systematic controlled method of socialization, we can help puppies create positive experiences without overwhelming them.

When we say socialize to dogs, we don't just mean the dog down the block, but big dogs, little dogs, dogs with crazy haircuts, dogs of different colors, dogs who look like dogs, dogs who don't look like dogs, etc. We also don't mean throwing your puppy into a dog park, where the big dogs may scare or overwhelm him/her. We want our puppies to meet a new, friendly dog every day in a structured way that will ensure a positive association.

With humans, the socialization list is even bigger! It's not okay to just meet a few friends and neighbors. City puppies need to meet many new strangers of all varieties (babies, toddlers, men, women, elderly, carrying things, in hats, etc) on a daily basis in a controlled and positive way during the socialization window to ensure that they are able to confidently and appropriately interact all of the strangers they will meet during a lifetime of city living.

Because we live in Washington, DC, it is extra important that our puppies be super socialized! We like to help our puppy owners go the extra mile, so that they'll never have to worry that their dog will start trying to attack other dogs or people. Have you ever seen a dog barking, growling or lunging at another dog or a person? Most of those dogs never received adequate or appropriate socialization.

The socialization process, if done correctly, can be a huge job! Don't worry though, we're here to help!  

Contact us at [email protected] for more information or to get started. We hope to hear from you soon!

Want more reasons to join?

Many professionals agree that allowing your puppy to play with other puppies and dogs is one of the best ways to continue their education about bite inhibition. Puppies who lack this early experience often don't realize how hard they are biting, and may have a harder time socializing with dogs and humans because they don't understand how to be gentle with their mouths.

In addition to the other dogs, staff is highly trained to respond effectively to puppy biting, and can be an immense help in teaching your puppy to be gentle with his/her mouth!

Contact us at [email protected] to get started on puppy playtime today!

Need to hear more?

Puppies who have accidents indoors are learning that it is okay to potty inside. It can be very difficult to break patterns established in puppyhood. Even one accident a day shows your puppy that "if you really need to go, it's okay!" Pretty soon, your puppy will learn to sneak off somewhere in the house to do his business and then return as if nothing happened.

The good news is that this is all so preventable! Let's work together to supervise your puppy 24/7 so that your puppy never practices the bad habit of peeing inside. Puppies who only pee outside for every single pee learn what we call "substrate preference". That means that as an adult, your puppy will only potty on the substrate that he learned to potty on as a youngster. That means your dog will seek out grass under his feet and sky overhead to do his business. Established substrate preference means your won't have to worry about your pup going a million unwanted places such as at the pet store, vet office, or inside your home. Let's work together to make that happen!

Contact [email protected] to get started on house training today!

Other Considerations

Traditional board and train situations often would leave your puppy in a kennel for most of the day. Because it is difficult to pay enough staff to monitor and take out a young puppy often enough to truly housetrain him, your puppy would likely also be peeing and pooing in that kennel space. Pups are typically taken out between one and three times per day for quick training sessions and twice a day for walks. The rest of the time, they are sitting in a boring, noisy, stressful kennel environment learning to pee where they eat and sleep and learning to bark. This can definitely teach your puppy to have separation anxiety or to fear/dislike boarding situations in the future.

Other "cageless" daycare-type situations would throw your puppy in with the small adult dogs. Puppies are very different than adult dogs. They play differently and their communications skills are not very developed. In order to facilitate appropriate interactions, we recommend 1 caretaker for every 3 dogs - most daycares feel adequate ratios are 1 staff person to every 15 dogs! We've even heard of situations where there was 1 caretaker for 60 dogs at a local facility (because a couple staff called out sick)! This is a recipe for annoying the adult dogs and getting your pup "disciplined" by the adult dogs. "Throwing your puppy to the wolves" so to speak. This might be okay if the adult dogs are well socialized, fair, and have good bite inhibition; however, in our experience, puppies are often exposed to overly harsh discipline by the adult dogs which could create a puppy with poor social skills, a fear of other dogs, a possible injury, bullying behavior in your adolescent, or a puppy who learns to be aggressive to defend himself.

At Puppy Academy, your puppy will live in our home, as a member of the family. All social interactions will be carefully supervised by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and your puppy will receive encouragement and feedback to develop appropriate social skills with dogs and people. Additionally, since your puppy is living in our home, we will be supervising 24/7. We don't like our home getting peed in anymore than you do! That means your puppy will be going outside to do his business, as often as necessary - even if that means every hour and overnight!

Finally, young puppies like young children need lots of attention to grow and develop into well-adjusted adults. Unlike a kennel or daycare setting, your puppy will be in a very intimate group. That means your puppy will be getting lots of one-on-one attention and care! We'll become like a second home for your puppy. This had a wonderful side benefit of building your puppy's confidence in boarding situations, creating an easy-going pup who is happy to be boarded in the future!

Contact [email protected] to get started on expanding your puppies social circle today!