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Posted by gooddogdc on June 23, 2011 at 9:10 AM

Even though he gets scared going to new places, he LOVES to come with me.  He gets really excited if he thinks we might be heading to the car.  Inside the car, he pants some, but is generally very well behaved.  He comes with me to work a few times a week.

Chance is still doing great!  It's taken me awhile to update his blog because things have been so busy.  Plus, he is really easy to take care of, so it has been difficult to motivate myself to post to this blog.  He is still making plenty of progress.


He got to stay home (as opposed to coming to work with me) last week because my boyfriend was home and he seemed to really enjoy that!  He has developed a really strong bond with my boyfriend, which is funny because he was terrified of him at first. 

Chance now will wag his tail when he sees us and he will inch forward to us for pets.  If we have a cookie for him or dinner, he flies down the hall at full speed to take treats or gobble down his food.  He knows that “Chanceypants!” means that he is going to get a treat and will come to us in the apartment when we say that.  He loves food and his Kong toys! 

He is still nervous on Connecticut Ave, though that is probably a lot our fault because we enjoy walking in Rock Creek as much as he does, so we walk there almost exclusively.  He loves to get in the creek and he loves to go on short jogs/runs with my boyfriend.  I will try to take some pictures of him in the creek next time we go, he is so cute and prefers to walk through the creek instead of on the trails.  He is still getting in shape though and can't do much more than .5 mile to 1 mile of running.  I think he will probably be able to do more once the weather cools down.  When he runs, his tail is always up and wagging and he gets this goofy smile on his face.

We joke around that he is our little magpie because any clothing item that we leave on the floor he will snatch when we are not looking and take it back into his exercise pen.  He loves things that have our scent on them.  It’s been a good reminder to not leave clothes on the floor! 

He has started to show interest in toys.  Although he is still not really sure what to do with them and can get intimidated, I’m sure he will enjoy them eventually!  My boyfriend was able to get him to play with a ball and they were tossing it back and forth - too cute!

He is completely housetrained and very quiet in the apartment which is a huge plus for us because we live in a city condo.  We’ve also taken him to my boyfriend’s parent’s house with a travel (pop-up) crate and he did great, he mostly stayed in the crate the whole time but also came out and visited with everyone when we first got there.

Chance is an amazing dog!  Since he is shy and came from a traumatic background, he would do best in a home with owners who were committed to helping him continue to improve and who have the time to help him with his training.  He would love to live in a quiet household.  While he often comes to work with me, I believe he would be happiest staying at home most of the time and not traveling too often, provided he could get enough attention from his owners.  That being said, he loves to go for car rides!


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