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New Pictures of Phoenix!

Posted by gooddogdc on August 22, 2010 at 9:08 AM

My favorite picture!  Phoenix LOVES his Kong doughnut!  It was actually Iry's, but he adopted it.  We actually need to replace it soon because he broke the squeaker, which was his favorite part!

Phoenix enjoying the air conditioning and the sunshine - smart boy!

A walk is Phoenix's FAVORITE thing!  Even though he can't go far - he loves to go around the block and do outside activities!

Phoenix in his "Adopt Me" bandanna - how could you not?  He's so handsome!

Phoenix's favorite way to sleep and hang out!

Phoenix loves his crate and will go in willingly.  It also seems to be his choice hang out during the day (although, it is a close call between that and the couch!).

Categories: Phoenix (ADOPTED)