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Come When Called... Every Time.

Posted by gooddogdc on May 23, 2014 at 6:05 PM

I just got back from a 3 mile hike with my dogs. I'm a professional dog trainer and I train my dogs regularly. They are both very reliable. My 1-year old dog still has a way to go, but my 9-year old dog has one of the best recalls I've seen.


Even though many would call my dogs "trained" a dog trainer knows training is never over. For that reason, I continue to bring treats on our hikes to reward their recalls. Every time they recall, I provide a treat, a toy, or, their favorite, a game of "catch me if you can"!


Because recalls are so fun, they keep recalling. I'll never be able to convince them that squirrels, other dogs, and deer are no fun, and I don't even want to, that would make them not dogs. But, what I can teach them is that I am usually more fun than squirrels, other dogs, and deer.  That I am just as unpredictable.  I want my dogs to think "Hey, I can chase squirrels any time, but OH MY GOODNESS, SHE CALLED ME TO COME!!!!  See you in a minute squirrel, I have to go!!!". 

What strategies have you used to reward recalls?


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