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What does Charlie know already and what is he working on?

Posted by gooddogdc on July 5, 2012 at 6:55 PM
  • Leave it (practice daily) – back away from whatever you are interacting with
  • Back – back away from me or a door
  • Kennel – go into a crate and lay down
  • Down WAIT – stay here in a down until I release you with an “okay!”, practice for .5-2 hours at a time 
  • Sit WAIT – stay here in a sit until I release you with an “okay!”
  • Stand – stand on all four paws
  • Charlie – look at me
  • Charlie, here! – recall (only practice on a long line for now OR if you are sure he will come)
  • WAIT – stay right where you are, use at all doorways and before releasing from crate
  • Ouch! – use when he mouths skin, means let go and stop playing immediately
  • Enough! – stop playing and lay down
  • Up! – jump up onto something or into the car
  • Okay! – release word, use when done with a wait, before he can get out of the car, before he can get out of his kennel, etc
  • Collar grab and treat – don’t run away when I reach for your collar
  • Handling exercises (touch everywhere) – especially cheeks, tail base, and paws
  • Loose leash walking – stop when he pulls out ahead and don’t go until he loosens the leash or walk the other way when he pulls ahead


*Please email my foster mom at [email protected] if you want to know a little more about me. I hope to meet you soon! ~ Love, Charlie

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