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More Alone Time

Posted by gooddogdc on June 15, 2009 at 12:22 PM

So, I have been gradually extending the amount of time that Conner is left outside of his crate with no supervision.  Today was the longest that he's ever been out when I am not in the room.  I was a little nervous that he would chew something up, but he's done well so far.  I decided to leave him out while I took a shower and got dressed today (around 45 minutes).  I thought that he would cry/chew the whole time, but I came out and he was passed out on the sofa!  I snuck back to my room, grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures before he woke up.  Did I mention that we haven't been allowing him to get on the furniture?  When I walked in, he jumped right down, wagging his tail!  He is so funny!  Mostly, I am so proud of him for not getting into anything!

Conner trying to decide whether he should jump off of the sofa right away (because we never let him on the furniture), or whether he should stay (because he was probably pretty comfortable).  He ended up jumping off when I walked closer to the sofa :).

Categories: Conner's Story (ADOPTED)