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5 Days

Posted by gooddogdc on January 13, 2012 at 9:40 AM

I have had Gavin now for five days and he had totally won me over!  He is one loveable mini poodle!  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of owning a poodle before, he is amazing.  He doesn't shed, is very affectionate with us, and VERY smart.  He knows when I pat a surface to lay down and he comes to a kissy noise - all pretty impressive for a dog who had no previous relationship with humans.  

He has had ZERO accidents inside (a huge accomplishment for a puppy mill dog!).  We've extended he outings from every hour to every two and he is still okay.  He sleeps through the night, usually nine hours, and doesn't have any accidents.


This is the dogs thinking they are going to drive the car themselves apparently.

That's better!  He loves to ride in the car, and he rides with me to work everyday.  He usually sits in the front seat (I think that's where the confusion came in in the first car picture:)), but on the days Iry comes to work to, he lets her ride in the front and he stays in the back.

His new favorite thing is to sleep in the bed.  In the mornings, we let him out of his exercise pen so he can snuggle in with us.  He immediately cuddles up to me or my fiancee, belly up, and goes to sleep.  He will sleep like this for awhile.  He doesn't even mind if people are walking around and making noise, I think he just likes to be on the blankets.  His ultimate idea of a good time though is snuggling, belly up, with someone scratching his chest.

Gavin is still working on trusting people and that will probably be a life-long process.  Especially with men or "strange" people.  However, in my home he has shown none of the growly/barky behavior we saw at the shelter.  He will avoid if at all possible, so you just have to make sure to give him that option.

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