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Agility Classes

We don't currently have any agility classes on the schedule. However, check out our Good Dog Club, which meets every Wednesday night at 8:30pm.

Agility is a the perfect class for medium to high energy enthusiastic dogs and owners. Agility is a great way to channel your dog's drive into a "job". Together we'll have your dog barreling through tunnels and running out to jumps in no time!

The best part is that while your dog is have a blast doing agility, he won't even realize how much boring "obedience" work he is learning! Agility teaches your dog to work around high distractions, listen even when he is not right next to you, have a lightening quick recall, and to learn cue discrimination.

Participants in the class should have dogs who have already completed Adult Dog 1 or the equivalent. Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and humans. Dogs should be healthy and in good physical shape.

Please attend an Orientation session before attending any of our Agility Classes. All classes are 50 minutes in length.Agility Classes